Pilot Custom 823 vs. Wingsung 699

Wingsung 699 Pilot custom 823 comparison

You can read the respective reviews of the Pilot Custom 823 and the Wingsung 699 as linked. The Wingsung 699 is clearly a pen that will draw parallels to the Pilot Custom 823, but at a more affordable price point. The latter of which was one of my prized possessions in my collection, but the 699 has slowly culled … Continue reading Pilot Custom 823 vs. Wingsung 699

Wingsung 699

Over the past few years I have praised the Pilot Custom 823 in its own review and in a Pilot Custom 823: Revisited second post. I eventually ended up owning three of these pens, and I was incredibly proud of the fact, but I have since reduced my collection to just one. I want to do a comparison post … Continue reading Wingsung 699