Uni-Ball Air Review

Handwritten review at the bottom. I included a typed version in case my handwriting is illegible to eyes other than my own. Second review. Let me know what you think. You can follow me on Twitter or Instagram @7heDaniel. You can also find me on Facebook under the same name.

Now… On the off chance that I don’t write with a fountain pen, I find it weird to write in cursive. This pen? Nope!

Uni-ball say that this pen writes like a fountain pen, minus the leaking. I have never experienced a leaky fountain pen, but this pen most certainly does feel like a fountain pen. The nib seems to be a bit hit or miss, however. I have just switched to another one, that was included in the pack. Let’s see how this one does.

The pen is sleek and stealthy. In fact, to those unaware about the pen, they may question how this pen actually writes. To put it one way, it’s as though Uni-ball have given rollerballs a make-over – the best sort of comparison that I could give is a hooded fountain pen nib. That’s the feeling that I get from this pen. Lamy 2000 meets Pilot Capless (or Vanishing Point for those of you across the pond).

I want to use this pen when I go do my job later as a part time waiter (a student needs money to feed this expensive hobby!) Being rollerballs, I can’t imagine that I can leave them uncapped… But I will give it a go and feedback (in hindsight, they would be far better to leave uncapped than a fountain pen).

Uni-ball also say that you can get different line widths depending on how hard you press [reference the writing sample; bottom paragraph 3rd line]. Yep. I would say so. I wouldn’t recommend for flex writing though.. But those more experienced than I am may do better.


  • Smooth writer
  • They have their own line variation, which is unique
  • As close to a fountain pen you can get without buying a fountain pen
  • Cheap!


  • Seems that the nibs are hit or miss…
  • Only come in blue, black & red*
  • Ink takes a while to dry, I have suddenly noticed**

* These use Uni-ball’s Super Ink, which apparently makes it waterproof and resistant to fraud. I myself remain skeptical, but the rest of the Internet, or so I could find, confirms that this is true.

The ink is in a cartridge (rather provocatively stamped “do not remove” – challenge accepted). When this runs out, I will attempt putting my own ink in here to see how that turns out. Hopefully more ink choice thereafter!!

** I didn’t notice this on the other side, but apparently the ink takes a while to dry. I write left handed, and in a hooked position. So with fountain pens, I never notice smudging because by the time I move my hand across the text, it has dried – unless I am moving freely across the paper by doing a table, as above. Any smudging after the table is just friction from ik already on my fingers. It still gets the lefty approval.

Upon finishing my shift, the pen did impeccably well.The pen didn’t dry up and there was absolutely no bleedthrough on my paper (which is impressive, because us waiters aren’t given Rhodia-standard paper). The uncapping and capping was a little tedious, but it’s a capped pen (which is why I left the cap off in the end) so that’s inevitable and so I’m really not complaining about that because it’s like complaining about your food to a waiter being incorrect when it’s exactly what you ordered………………

All in all, a great pen and certainly one that I will keep as a reserve for when I can’t use a fountain pen and need black ink. I will add my own ink to these pens and provide an update when I finally run out. Something I should note is that this pen is not eyedropper convertible because there are two air-holes at the back of the pen.

UniBall Air Review 1UniBall Air Review 2


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