Noodler’s – Brexit Ink Review

This may be.. Something that may ruffle a few feathers. So I am going to get this out straight away – at no point will I ever give or allude to any political beliefs of mine. By reviewing and purchasing this ink, I am neither expressing anti or pro EU views. Also, I am not receiving anything from this review. This is a Pure Pens exclusive ink which is a fact and I’m not doing a plug for them; I have no affiliation. Sorry for the long intro. Now – the ink!IMG_2636

Pure Pens, to whom this is an exclusive ink, market/describe this as a blue-purple. Right off the bat, I can see an obvious blue. The purple is far more subtle. I like this, but I would probably prefer it to be a little more vibrant. Seeing as Nathan is pro-Brexit, I would have expected a more vibrant colour; this feels.. Dull to me.

As soon as this ink is laid down to the page, you notice a royal blue colour – that is lovely and saturated. The ink then dries to the blue-purple. But I notice no purple in the initial line that is laid down. Here is an image of the colour dried compared to wet:

The colour wet (left) compared to dried (right)

Which sort of segues in to a point I want to make about the colour/market description of this ink – a blue-purple? The first thing I thought of was Diamine Bilberry. Bilberry is more vibrant in colour. More purple, too. Brett is subtle, while Bilberry is in your face. I wouldn’t say one ink is better in colour than the other – it depends on the ink-mood one is in. IMG_2643

Diamine Bilberry (top) and Noodler’s Brexit (bottom)

This actually goes for all of Noodlers’ bottles – this was very full. This is also my first full Noodler’s ink bottle that I have opened. I love how full these are, but if you’re in the UK and haven’t been exposed to these bottles before (such as myself, due to availability – or lack thereof..) then beware of ink spillage. And remember Archemides’ Principle when filling your pen when submerging the nib!!!

Many people have been wondering what is written on the side of the bottle:

“An apology to HIs Majesty, King George III of The United Kingdom:

We humbly regret that at long last we have come to agree with the rebels in the colony of Massachusetts that libery is worth the risk of defiance to all the powers of the sovereign (particularly the bureaucrats in Brussels). So humbly and regretfully sorry about this, but we do send good wishes. The ink is royal purple, eternally bulletproof and pH neutral, so as not to further risk offence to His Majesty!”

So.. As to conclude – what do I think? This is a nice ink. I could probably do with a bit more vibrance, but I appreciate it for sure. Though, it wasn’t amazing enough for me to fall in love straight away – I was curious for some time. I also enjoy the way it dries compared to the line it has laid down. IMG_2658.jpgIn a fine nib, the writing is incredibly pale. I think it gives a nice aesthetic because it looks as though it’s supposed to be like that, as opposed to bigger nibs where the lack of vibrance is evident. It’s a wet ink – very wet when on the paper and dries reasonably. IMG_2657The waterproofness of this ink (or, as Nathan refers to it, bulletproof) is perfectly summed up as “Unlike Britain, it remains”. IMG_2637On copy paper the ink seems much.. Flatter? That being said, it behaves incredibly well in terms of feathering. Even with the over saturated broad nib it sort of keeps its cool.IMG_2638On closer inspection, there is a little bit of feathering, but if you’re not being pedantic while looking at it, you’re good to go. IMG_2640Unfortunately it doesn’t do well with bleed through. I would say that the flex nib is an unfair thing to point out because when they’re dipped they can be very saturated. Fine nib is fine, but you start noticing show through on the medium nib, and it’s pretty much downhill from there.IMG_2641IMG_2642


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