Diamine Shimmertastic – Golden Oasis

I have been kindly sent a set of four of the new Shimmertastic inks for a United Inkdom meta review. Many thanks to ‘Scribble’ for providing them for review. The inks I will be reviewing are:

I believe in credit where credit is due. I might not like something, but I can still acknowledge that it does something well, just not well suited to my tastes. This is this ink. It’s a good ink, but it isn’t my ink. That’s the reason I wanted to review it, because I thought I could give a pretty good objective view on it.fullsizeoutput_4c5The thing that I notice is that the ink is very similar to what I’ve seen on the Internet for Diamine Apple Glory. I want to highlight that I’m going off of what I’ve seen on the Internet, as I have never used, or so much as seen this ink in the flesh. It is a true bright green. It might not be noticeable in the writing samples, so I thought I’d mention that it has gold particles. 

As I wrote in the sample, the ink reminds me of an alternative to the red ink that one might use to make annotations and markup on essays. Certainly I prefer to edit with an actual pen and paper rather than Microsoft review mode. I can understand how sometimes red might be seen as an intimidating colour and some people need that ‘softer’ touch to it. With the sparkles, this ink would be an AMAZING alternative. fullsizeoutput_4c3Though.. Speaking of sparkles.. They’re very subtle; moreso than with Cocoa Shimmer. I can just about make out a glimmer in the ‘s’ in ‘reminds‘. fullsizeoutput_4c2In the swab, the particulate looks more noticeable. I re-inked my pen in the second paragraph, which is why it seems a little darker. Dumped the ink, shook the bottle and tried again. Still nothing.

fullsizeoutput_472This is a relatively (I say this as a comparison to other Shimmertastics) poor behaving ink, there’s a bit more feathering on the paper when it comes to poorer paper, but not enough to the point where I’d want to change ink. I’d also like to point out that the nib I was using (normal IPG) was not an ink gusher. fullsizeoutput_473And again, here you can see the sparkles. A little bit in the ‘D’ but not much else. 

I also didn’t want to tease you about the description of my pen. Perhaps someone can help me with what it actually is because it’s a nice pen. And so ends my Diamine Shimmertastic reviews. Once again, many thanks to Scribble for sending these to me and sorting out the United Inkdom meta review. Much effort put in on his part! 

Diamine Shimmertastic – Cocoa Shimmer

I have been kindly sent a set of four of the new Shimmertastic inks for a United Inkdom meta review. Many thanks to ‘Scribble’ for providing them for review. The inks I will be reviewing are:

I was so happy with this ink and I think it’s because it’s what I love about Tropical Glow (the amazing colour with particles (gold this time!!!)) and what I love about Pink Glitz (just being able to use it in a fun setting). I was not happy when I spilled perhaps 1/8th of the bottle when filling. Thankfully it was in the bathroom and not in my bedroom, for I would not be able to write this review for you as my mother would have most certainly killed me. It sends shivers down my spine just thinking of it.. But, as usual, I digress. fullsizeoutput_4a6This goes for all inks with the particles (including J Herbin), you need the correct angle to see the sparkles. I think this is nice because it isn’t immediately in your face; sometimes subtle is better. Sometimes.. And this is certainly one of those times. I think that Cocoa Shimmer is a little more conservative in the sparkles it gives compared to the other Shimmertastics (but still beats the 1670 range)fullsizeoutput_4a5And I’m sure that you guys want to know what I mean by bubbled, Well, see for yourselves:

Now, yes. My Montegrappa was probably not the best pen to ink up with this ink after experiencing the bubbling and a £2 Jinhao would have fit the bill perfectly in a ‘Baystate Blue’ sort of situation (which I did eventually do, as you’ll see below. But either way, the ink washed out perfectly fine and I had no issues at all. But better to be safe than sorry, right? While the bubbling was (and still is) off putting, I wouldn’t really hesitate putting it in another pen. Though, maybe I’ll hold off before putting it in the family’s Mont Blanc heirloom from my great great great great great great grandfather clock. Or, at least, you get the idea. fullsizeoutput_4a4This paper is from Darkstar Collection, also based here in the UK and I will be posting a review of their notebooks in the New Year. While doing some initial testing of the paper to familiarise myself with it, I noticed that the ink has an obvious brick-red undertone to it. It’s almost like Diamine mixed Ancient Copper with Chocolate (that is, their ink by that name.. But hey, if you have your mad scientist lab coat on, why not real chocolate too?!) and added sparkles. After all, Diamine isn’t as innovative with their sparkle line as J Herbin is and the inks all resemble colours already in their lineup (though, I am still struggling to find the ‘base colour’ for Tropical Glow. I have Golden Oasis & Pink Glitz figured out, I think). fullsizeoutput_46eCheaper paper highlights the brown and I think actually makes it darker. Performs well. Said it before with these inks on this paper, but I’m impressed.fullsizeoutput_4a7Sparkle, however, is greatly reduced.

All in all, I’d definitely say that this is the most conservative of the lot, as far as sparkle inks can go. I really enjoy it, but I only say that because I love Ancient Copper. This is just Ancient Copper with added sparkles.

Diamine Shimmertastic – Pink Glitz

I have been kindly sent a set of four of the new Shimmertastic inks for a United Inkdom meta review. Many thanks to ‘Scribble’ for providing them for review. The inks I will be reviewing are:

Right off the bat, this is an ink that lends itself closer to an orange/red pink rather than a true pink. I’m not put off by the colour, but we all know that I have been pedantic before with the Private Reserve inks that we received, but I have to say it. This isn’t a pink, or what I refer to as ‘pInk’. It does have glitz though, for sure. I’ll give it that.Diamine-Pink-Glitz-ShimmertasticWhen emails started going around us United Inkdom lot, I was introduced as the one who will consider the use of stationary in a business/fun/school setting and compare the settings using this ink. This is not an ink I would want to load up in a Mont Blanc with my £100,000,000 Mercedes parked outside the board room window with the fellow CEOs of a company and use to take notes. It is an ink that I would use to journal with, perhaps make personal revision notes (though, during school days I noticed that teachers cared less about the ink I used and more that I was doing work, which of course I did) and write letters to my friends. In fact, I think this is an absolutely brilliant ink to use to write to friends with. I would say it trumps any of the other Shimmertastic inks that I have reviewed for this purpose. Diamine-Shimmertastic-Pink-Glitz-Review-SampleThe trouble with flashy inks is the readability (which is exactly what I was worried about when first testing this ink). Had it been silver particles (and we know that I much much much prefer gold over silver, so perhaps this takes in some personal bias) I think the ink would be harder to read, but the gold provides a good contrast. Certainly if the ink was lighter and truer to pink, gold would be a must and silver really would be troublesome. Again, personal bias but I think that gold with pink looks absolutely phenomenal and especially in the correct angle. As with the other Shimmertastic inks, the ink does not hold back when it comes to sparkles. Even in the barrel of my TWSBI 580 you can see the mass of particulate. Which would be a good time to mention how perfectly easy and well behaved this ink is.

The ink flows straight away. I have set the TWSBI down for 3 days in a row at times, perhaps longer(?) since inking it up with this ink and it would write instantly. Of course, part of this is attributed to the nib and also partly the paper, but it goes without saying that this ink is well lubricated but still better behaved than Noodler’s Britannia’s Blue Waves which essentially turned the nib into a nib grade higher because it poured out. Never had any crusting issues or felt the need to do anything over and above normal fountain pen hygiene. It does take a little bit longer to wash out (I cannot recommend bulb syringes enough) but all the glitter that you see on your feed and the slight golding/silvering is removed. Diamine-Shimmertastic-Pink-Glitz-Ink-ReviewTo further build on how well behaved this ink is, a writing sample on cheap paper. Honestly, I went in expecting it to spider and bleed and gahh. But nope. Diamine-Pink-GlitzWhat’s more, the particles are still obvious! So even if you’re out and about and need to borrow some paper from someone to jot down some information, you should be good to go.

And because I had it in my TWSBI, it would be impolite not to show you guys, right?

Diamine Shimmertastic – Tropical Glow

I have been kindly sent a set of four of the new Shimmertastic inks for a United Inkdom meta review. Many thanks to ‘Scribble’ for providing them for review. The inks I will be reviewing are:

I’m not doing these reviews in any particular order, but I must say that this is my favourite out of them all. If there’s a standard ink in Diamine’s line up then please, someone tell me because this is a beautiful ink. However, as I wrote in my sample, the glitter makes it a little impractical.


But I feel like that’s complaining about having pasta in your spaghetti bolognese. I went to a pen club meet in London, something I do every month, and was speaking to someone (whom shall remain nameless for I haven’t asked if it’s okay if I name drop) and they said “no. Always sparkles”. So for some people, the sparkles are good. Add more sparkles!

People who I speak to will know that I’ve been in love with teal inks ever since getting my hand on Pelikan Edelstein Aquamarine and then Blue Suede. I think this is a mix between a dark turquoise and a blue-teal. It certainly lends itself heavy towards the blue side rather than the green. As a blue guy myself and someone not that impressed with greens, I’m game. Diamine-Shimmertastic-Tropical-Glow-Fountain-Pen-InkThe colour is just beautiful. The shading isn’t excessive, but works well with the colour spectrum that you have. Also, you can see the sparkles at the top. Something that goes for all the Diamine shimmer inks is that they have far more particles than the 1670 inks by J Herbin, which are the only other inks I am aware of that have the sparkles. This could be a turn on or turn off for any individual. I think in the case of this, if you go for sparkles (and I realise I referred to it as glitter.. Sorry..) then you want to go for sparkles and I’m glad this ink doesn’t hold back. Of course, if you want fewer sparkles then don’t shake the bottle before you ink up. Alternatively, if you want a lot then shake and shake and shake.

As for cheaper paper, the ink isn’t awful, but I wouldn’t describe it as great:

Diamine-Shimmertastic-Tropical-Glow-Fountain-Pen-Ink-ReviewAs I wrote in the sample, the colour still manages to remain, as do the sparkles, to a certain extent. Diamine-Shimmertastic-Tropical-Glow-Fountain-Pen-InkThe only negative aspect is that the ink bleeds quite a bit. There’s a little bit of feathering, but it isn’t dreadful. To sum it up, I’d say this ink performs the worst on copy paper of the four I test. But let’s admit, if you’re writing on one side, it isn’t that dreadful. And with that, I shall leave you in anticipation with the other reviews, like a good author writing a book series. I hope.

Images (or lack thereof…)

This is just a very short, unrelated post that will be taken down as soon as the issue has been sorted out. 

I have noticed that for some reason on my posts my images are not displaying. I will contact WordPress to understand why this has happened. In the meantime, I will upload the images again as they are all saved (handily..!) in my Dropbox. Hope you will come back soon within the week to see the images. In the meantime, I hope you’ll enjoy the written reviews and feel free to message me with any questions. 
– Daniel