Diamine Shimmertastic – Cocoa Shimmer

  • Where to buy: Diamine [Here] (or just about anywhere else that sells Diamine)
  • Price: £9.95
  • Bottle size: 50ml
  • Colour: Chocolate brown
  • Shading:
  • Sheening: No, but you have the gold sparkles which gives an “artificial” sheen (of gold)
  • Recommend?: Can’t go wrong with a brown ink in my opinion. A nice chocolatey brown with sparkles? Do I need to say anything else?!

I have been kindly sent a set of four of the new Shimmertastic inks for a United Inkdom meta review. Many thanks to ‘Scribble’ for providing them for review. The inks I will be reviewing are:

I was so happy with this ink and I think it’s because it’s what I love about Tropical Glow (the amazing colour with particles (gold this time!!!)) and what I love about Pink Glitz (just being able to use it in a fun setting). I was not happy when I spilled perhaps 1/8th of the bottle when filling. Thankfully it was in the bathroom where it was easy to clean up.fullsizeoutput_4a6This goes for all inks with the particles (including J Herbin), you need the correct angle to see the sparkles. I think this is nice because it isn’t immediately in your face; sometimes subtle is better. Sometimes.. And this is certainly one of those times. I think that Cocoa Shimmer is a little more conservative in the sparkles it gives compared to the other Shimmertastics (but still beats the 1670 range)fullsizeoutput_4a5And I’m sure that you guys want to know what I mean by bubbled, Well, see for yourselves:



Now, yes. My Montegrappa was probably not the best pen to ink up with this ink after experiencing the bubbling and a £2 Jinhao would have fit the bill perfectly in a ‘Baystate Blue’ sort of situation (which I did eventually do, as you’ll see below. But either way, the ink washed out perfectly fine and I had no issues at all. But better to be safe than sorry, right? While the bubbling was (and still is) off putting, I wouldn’t really hesitate putting it in another pen. Though, maybe I’ll hold off before putting it in the family’s Mont Blanc heirloom from my great great great great great great grandfather clock. Or, at least, you get the idea. fullsizeoutput_4a4This paper is from Darkstar Collection, also based here in the UK and I will be posting a review of their notebooks in the New Year. While doing some initial testing of the paper to familiarise myself with it, I noticed that the ink has an obvious brick-red undertone to it. It’s almost like Diamine mixed Ancient Copper with Chocolate (that is, their ink by that name.. But hey, if you have your mad scientist lab coat on, why not real chocolate too?!) and added sparkles. After all, Diamine isn’t as innovative with their sparkle line as J Herbin is and the inks all resemble colours already in their lineup (though, I am still struggling to find the ‘base colour’ for Tropical Glow. I have Golden Oasis & Pink Glitz figured out, I think). fullsizeoutput_46eCheaper paper highlights the brown and I think actually makes it darker. Performs well. Said it before with these inks on this paper, but I’m impressed.fullsizeoutput_4a7Sparkle, however, is greatly reduced.

All in all, I’d definitely say that this is the most conservative of the lot, as far as sparkle inks can go. I really enjoy it, but I only say that because I love Ancient Copper. This is just Ancient Copper with added sparkles.


  • Brown ink with gold particles
  • Performs well on poorer paper
  • Flow is good and doesn’t clog the feed


  • Doesn’t look awfully safe in the bottle

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