Super 5 Fountain Pen (Delhi)

Where to buy: Papier Labor [Here] Price: €24.90 Recommend?: A tad overpriced in my opinion. The nib is very smooth and is pleasant to write with but wouldn't recommend to a beginner or over and above some other pens, such as the TWSBI Eco. Orange is the new black? Ahh, c'mon. You knew it was coming. After my … Continue reading Super 5 Fountain Pen (Delhi)


Robert Oster – Deep Sea

Where to buy: iZods UK [Here] (one of the few places I have seen stock this ink – particularly in the UK) Price: £14.50 Bottle size: 50ml Shading: Some Sheening: Yes Recommend?: If you're into teal inks that lean a little bit closer to green, then this is for you. I'm on my third cup of coffee. … Continue reading Robert Oster – Deep Sea