Namisu Studio Ebonite – Bock Nibs

As I said in the main review of the pen (which you can find here), I was going to make a separate review looking at the nibs on offer for this pen (excluding the steel medium and the titanium broad nibs). I will look at the extra fine and broad steel nibs and then the medium titanium. Best ’til last? Let’s see.

Bock steel fine nib review

I’m a broad guy but writing with this nib was just pure joy. I mention this in the broad review, but Bock really do nail the grades in my opinion. This is what I would expect from a Western extra fine. However, reverse writing makes it even finer. It’s actually rather impressive handling reverse writing.

Even though it’s an extra fine nib, there’s no scratch but a nice feedback that reminds you that you’re writing. I don’t like glassy smooth nibs. But in comparison to the other two nibs, this one is the hardest and has the least amount of bounce.

 fullsizeoutput_797But that doesn’t mean it doesn’t have any give to it. You press hard enough and you can get some utterly ridiculous line variation with it. As you can see with the smudge, the nib gives quite a wet line, and I found it did so even without much pressure either.

fullsizeoutput_791.jpegThe broad nib is smoother than the extra fine, which is a sort of given, it’s also a little springier. Again, with the broad nib you can get some really amazing line variation out of it. However, it fails when it comes to reverse writing as it gets very dry and it’s incredibly scratchy. fullsizeoutput_792The broad nib has a really generous ink flow. Using Lamy Dark Lilac and I think it really shows the ink off nicely. However, it isn’t so wet that I can’t use it as a lefty overwriter.

And the one you’ve all (I think?) been waiting for..

fullsizeoutput_793I’ve never used a titanium nib before – it was the first nib I went to when testing this pen out. I learnt three things:

  1. These nibs are SO FUN
  2. They’re not really practical
  3. Reverse writing with a titanium nib is awful

I’m fortunate enough to have control over the paper that I use in my day to day life so I was able to use the nib pretty freely. However, when I had to write on poorer paper.. It wasn’t so friendly and didn’t really play nice because it’s incredibly wet, and you can see how that by how much darker the ink is. This also means that your converter drains quicker than with a steel nib of the same grade.

And to drain the converter even quicker, the nib is very bouncy. As I said in the sample, I gave the pen to my mother and she didn’t enjoy it at all because it was “too bouncy”. I’d go as far as saying semi-flex. This actually backs up both posts – the nib is fun but not really practical in every circumstance. Especially with the reverse writing. Whenever I’m writing out formulas, equations or annotations I sometimes like to use the reverse for a little bit because it gives me more space to write as I can write smaller. Not with this nib. Sends a shiver down my spine just thinking about it.

fullsizeoutput_794But damn. Look at how that ink is laid down..!

img_6071But it can lead to smudging from my hooked handwriting. I did notice that sometimes. Usually when I go down line by line prematurely, which I sometimes experience anyway but not as often as I did with this. Again, an absolute gusher. I have no idea what a broad will be like.

So in conclusion, if I had to get one of the nibs, I think I would go for either the titanium and learn to master it or the extra fine because that really stuck with me. Maybe it’s because I usually go for broads and it’s just something new. If practicality is what you’re after, then go for the extra fine. If you want a bit of fun, go for the titanium.

Or.. You could get the titanium for a reduced price and then order your own Bock nib and have both. Consider yourself enabled. *drops mic*


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