Diamine Shimmertastics: Spearmint Diva

  • Where to buy: Diamine [Here]
  • Price: £9.95
  • Bottle size: 50ml
  • Colour: Teal that leans heavy on the green side
  • Shading: Yes
  • Sheening: Sliiiiiiiiiiight
  • Recommend?: I understand how this would appeal to people, but personally I’m a bit bored of the green-teals

I have been fortunate enough to receive samples from Diamine of five of their new generation of Shimmertastic inks. Here are the links to other reviews on the Shimmertastic range if you’re interested (all links open in a new tab). I will add more links as the reviews are posted:

Exams are finally over. After a couple of beer filled nights, I felt like continuing my celebrations by writing this final ink review of the Shimmertastics ink. I wouldn’t say I saved my personal best until last, but I do think this will appeal to a number of people.

Upon inking a pen up with this ink and putting it to paper, I had an immediate thought: this is Diamine Marine with silver sparkles. I know how popular Diamine Marine can be throughout the community, and honestly, I’m quite surprised that Diamine have waited this long to use Marine as a base colour for the Shimmertastics range (I’m not entirely sure if Diamine make new ink colours or use existing ones – I believe they use existing ones but at this point it’s more of a conspiracy than an actual fact. Much like the Akkerman inks).

Diamine Shimmertastics Spearmint Diva review Diamine Marine
Comparison of Diamine Marine (top) and Spearmint Diva (bottom)

Another two inks that this ink is very similar to is Rohrer und Klinger’s Smaradgrün and KWZ Menthol Green. It’s a nice colour and as you can see, very popular. Unfortunately I feel a little bored with this colour family as, while I do adore teals, this leans far more on the green side rather than the blue, which just isn’t my thing.


Spearmint Diva is a shimmer ink with silver sparkles. Silver was definitely the right way to go – I would actually argue I would find this ink very distasteful with gold sparkles as it just wouldn’t suit. Though, that’s just my opinion. You also get a nice amount of shading which is nice to see – and there is a HINT of sheen, which seems to be making everyone excited lately.

The ink performs nicely, but I think the particles are slightly understated.

Diamine Spearmint Diva fountain pen ink review ShimmertasticsDiamine Spearmint Diva fountain pen ink review Shimmertastics

Especially on cheaper paper, you don’t get much at all – even when compared with the rest of the Shimmertastics range which perform fantastically on cheaper paper.

Diamine Spearmint Diva fountain pen ink review ShimmertasticsDiamine Spearmint Diva fountain pen ink review Shimmertastics

This ink would be very good for writing out your Christmas letters as I know the time is nearing. It’s not a typical green, that one might expect as a ‘Christmas green’ ink so it gives your writing a level of uniqueness.

Disclaimer: These inks were sent to me for review purposes in exchange for an honest review. All views expressed are my own and no other compensation was provided. 


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