Beaufort Peacock

  • Where to buy: Beaufort [Here]
  • Price: £8.35
  • Bottle size: 45ml
  • Price/ml: £0.19 (2dp)
  • Colour: Dark teal
  • Shading: Not really
  • Sheening: Slightly
  • Recommend?: I love fun-professional inks and this is one of those. It’s rather dark but has its own characteristics and I really like it. Definitely a potential ink I’d recommend

I have been sent six inks to review from Beaufort. Below I will put links to the other six (which includes the overview, my maths hasn’t failed me.. Yet!) reviews that you can read.

If I had to describe my perfect ink (that isn’t Earl Grey, that is) then one of the descriptors would be “conservative but fun”. My gold standard for this definition is Diamine Grape. I think it’s the greatest mix of professional and individuality. Well, Beaufort Peacock is one of those inks. Is it the perfect fun-professional ink? Ehh. Potentially.

Beaufort fountain pen review Peacock

There was a time (specifically when Pelikan’s Aquamarine ink from their Edelstein range dropped) where I was absolutely obsessed with teal inks. I still have a very big appreciation for the colour family. This shade could quite easily be endgame for me in this colour (not that it’s going to stop me from purchasing more teal ink, at all) because I really do love the fact that it’s rather understated but you can still tell it’s a teal ink. Perhaps would work with Beaufort’s other offering, Zodiac Blue? Understated against a vibrant blue.

Beaufort fountain pen ink review Peacock

This understated look is further ‘enhanced’ through the ink’s shading and sheening. Or, rather should I say, the lack thereof. Though, you do get some sheen on the swaps but in regular nibs I don’t see anything. Love it or hate it.

Beaufort Peacock fountain pen review ink

I love it.

Beaufort fountain pen ink reviewThe ink performs very well on better paper. I really love the colour here. Some may call it boring, but it really is an amazing mix of showy and understated.

The ink appears darker on cheaper paper. It could perhaps be a tad better in terms of bleed through, but it really is at a minimal. Something one should hope from an ink like this as it would be very good to use in situations such as work or school where you’re not exposed to the normal paper you’re used to.

Beaufort Peacock fountain pen ink reviewBeaufort Peacock fountain pen ink review

Not very waterproof, however:

Beaufort Peacock fountain pen ink review

Being at university, sometimes it’s difficult to provide colour comparisons as I don’t have all my inks here with me (I don’t want to say I have a lot of ink, but I do). However. I have provided what I think are two very good comparisons with this ink: Noodler’s Prime of the Commons and Diamine Eau de Nil (which I personally find very similar to Pelikan Aquamarine, for reference).

Beaufort Peacock fountain pen ink review

Beaufort Peacock sits right in the middle of the lighter Eau de Nil and darker, perhaps slightly greener, Prime of the Commons. Really shows off the shade of this ink.

Beaufort Peacock fountain pen ink review
“I’m ready for my close up”

Beaufort Peacock sits in a very interesting niche, and I think it takes quite a lot for me to impressed with an ink in said “niche”, being a professional/fun ink. Does Peacock get my recommendation? Absolutely. I’ll be inking more pens up with this ink in the future without a doubt!

Beaufort Peacock fountain pen ink review

Disclaimer: I have been sent these inks by Beaufort in exchange for an honest review. All views expressed are my own.



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