Pure Pens Pendine Sands

  • Where to buy: Pure Pens [Here]
  • Price: £6.99
  • Bottle size: 60ml
  • Price/ml: £0.12 (2dp)
  • Colour: Orange
  • Shading: Not much
  • Sheening: No
  • Recommend?: Not a vibrant orange, but more of a muted warm orange that you would expect to see in a sunset, which gives it a fairly unique colour that I quite like.

I have six inks to review from the latest Pure Pens batch of inks released in February 2018. The inks all have a Celtic theme to them, which gives the inks an extra level of personality above the colour they lay on the page. You can find reviews to the other inks below and the list will be updated as and when the reviews are published:

Pendine Sands is 7 miles worth of beach in the south of Wales and has been famous for its use of motorsports on the land due to the perfect terrain. There have also been numerous attempts at breaking the land speed record on the very beach! It is also the place that gives its name to this ink, an orange in the Pure Pens lineup.

Pendine Sands Pure Pens fountain pen ink reviewOranges aren’t often my go to, but I do love an orange ink sometimes and forget how much I actually appreciate it; I’m actually rather fond of KWZ Grapefruit which is a very nice, vibrant – perhaps even slightly ostentatious orange. Pendine Sands from Pure Pens is certainly more muted compared to other oranges – especially Grapefruit, and I’ll compare a number below. It’s the sort of orange one would see during a sunset, which is brought about by the ink leaning ever so slightly towards a hint of brown within the mix, so I also included Diamine Sepia as a comparison.

Pure Pens Pendine Sands fountain pen ink review Pelikan Mandarin Diamine Autumn Oak KWZ Grapefruit Diamine Sepia
Diamine Sepia (top), Diamine Autumn Oak (left), Pure Pens Pendine sands (centre), Pelikan Edelstein Mandarin (right), KWZ Grapefruit (bottom)

Pendine Sands is very similar to Diamine Autumn Oak. Very similar. However, Pendine Sands doesn’t share the same shading qualities (Autumn Oak is a notorious shader) and is also ever so darker in shade. You can also see that Pendine Sands isn’t as brown as Diamine Sepia or as vibrant as KWZ Grapefruit or Pelikan Mandarin (the former being far more vibrant and orange)

Pure Pens Pendine Sands fountain pen ink review Pelikan Mandarin Diamine Autumn Oak KWZ Grapefruit Diamine Sepia
A close up

Taking into account the writing sample on cheaper paper was done with a #3776 fine nib (though, so was Porthcurno Cove, for reference), the ink performs well. No feathering or bleed but there is showthrough – as to be expected.

Pure Pens Pendine Sands fountain pen ink reviewPure Pens Pendine Sands fountain pen ink review

Unsurprisingly the ink isn’t very waterproof either.

Pure Pens Pendine Sands fountain pen ink review

This ink has really reminded me of how great using orange inks can be. What is great about this one in particular is that the brown hint to it means that you could use it in more applications than a vibrant orange. That being said, it is very close to Diamine Autumn Oak and doesn’t offer the same amount of shading. Depending on your views in regards to shading inks, this may or may not be a good thing.

Pure Pens Pendine Sands fountain pen ink review


Disclaimer: I have been sent these inks in exchange for an honest review. All views expressed here are my own.


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