Pure Pens Llanberis Slate

  • Where to buy: Pure Pens [Here]
  • Price: £6.99
  • Bottle size: 60ml
  • Price/ml: £0.12 (2dp)
  • Colour: Grey
  • Shading: Some
  • Sheening: No
  • Recommend?: If you prefer a ‘flavour’ to your grey inks instead of a typical graphite, this would be a good call.

I have six inks to review from the latest Pure Pens batch of inks released in February 2018. The inks all have a Celtic theme to them, which gives the inks an extra level of personality above the colour they lay on the page. You can find reviews to the other inks below and the list will be updated as and when the reviews are published:

Llanberis is a place in Wales at the foot of Mount Snowden. It is famous for its slate mine, and this is what this ink seeks to represent.

Pure Pens Llanberis Slate fountain pen ink review

Pure Pens Llanberis Slate fountain pen ink review

Llanberis Slate is a grey ink from the Pure Pens offering. I classify greys in two camps – something that may be a bit more interesting, and ‘graphite grey’ (not that graphite greys aren’t nice to use). The interesting camp would have inks such as Diamine Earl Grey and Montblanc Oyster Grey. Llanberis Slate is in this camp. It is a dark grey with a few undertones showing through. I will say, however, I find Diamine Earl Grey to be darker and as a result you get more of a purple hue coming through, though you do get a subtle undertone with Llanberis Slate. Comparison below.

Diamine Earl Grey Pure Pens Llanberis Slate fountain pen ink review
Pure Pens Llanberis Slate (left) compared to Diamine Earl Grey (right)

So Pure Pens Llanberis Slate hasn’t unseated Earl Grey as one of my favourite inks. However, when thinking up the idea of Earl Grey, I would have definitely used this ink as an inspiration I should think as you do notice some undertones. There’s something about it that is quite “slate-like”. In the garden patio at home, we have slate pieces that are very similar in colour to this ink, so it’s certainly been captured well! To highlight it a bit more, as I did with my Earl Grey review, I’ve compared it to a standard grey: Diamine Grey:

Diamine Grey Pure Pens Llanberis Slate
Diamine Grey (left) and Pure Pens Llanberis Slate (right)

Performance wise, I’m impressed with how it performs on cheaper paper. No substantial feathering and the showthrough isn’t dreadful

Pure Pens Llanberis SlatePure Pens Llanberis Slate



Overall, I think this is a very nice ink that has been offered. I think it’s quite different for when you first make a line of inks to include a grey, as this isn’t a colour you would immediately think of including (blue, red, black and maybe green would be my ‘obvious’ picks. Perhaps with purple being a more quirky pick to add). But this is nice.


Disclaimer: I have been sent this ink for review purposes. All opinions expressed are my own. 



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