Noodler’s Brexit

  • Where to buy: Pure Pens – [Here]
  • Price: £13.50
  • Bottle size: 90ml
  • Price/ml: £0.15 (2dp)
  • Colour: Blue-Purple (Blurple)
  • Shading: Some
  • Sheening: No
  • Recommend?: I’d say this divides us 52:48. I rather enjoy the colour and think it’s a bit of fun. Though, the name alone would put some people off.

Nathan, much like myself, has an interest in pens, politics and has a soft spot for the United Kingdom. When the UK voted to leave the European Union, Nathan decided to make an ink to mark the occasion and did so with a bit of tongue in cheek. I bought this ink when it was released, and two years later on the 23rd June I thought I may as well publish a review about it. Though please note this is an ink review and not a political commentary.

Noodler's Brexit referendum european union fountain pen ink review

I have a few Noodler’s inks, and I enjoy all of them, though some can be a pain in the backside (Baystate Blue, I’m looking at you). Prime of the Commons is actually the ink that I use to write up lecture notes and do my exams at university with (I study PPE, the name makes sense). Brexit is no exception, I rather enjoy this ink; it isn’t as vibrant as Baystate Blue or Dragon’s Napalm but rather is a fairly unique blurple (that is, blue-purple). Usually when I think of a blurple ink I imagine Diamine Bilberry. What sets these two inks apart is mainly the saturation: Brexit is more of a lighter blue/dusty purple while Bilberry is a vibrant blue/vibrant purple. The latter of which gives rise to some sheen, but as someone who dislikes sheen I’m quite content with the former option.

Noodler's Brexit referendum european union fountain pen ink reviewyKiiV1YTRCOvga76WF+okA

As is the case with quite a number of Noodler’s inks, this is waterproof (and resistant to bleach if I am not mistaken?). Makes it handy to use, especially given that this isn’t an in your face ink on the paper, so you could use it for a number of occasions, especially when it calls for a more formal code of practice.

Noodler's Brexit referendum european union fountain pen ink review

Say for example when you’re doing an exam for the European Union module you’ve taken for that term. Cough..

Noodler's Brexit referendum european union fountain pen ink review

One thing that I don’t commend Noodler’s for is how the inks perform on cheaper paper. Unless you have a  really fine nib, you’re gonna have a bad time.

All in all, I think this is a great colour and a fun ink to have in your collection because it’s rather tongue in cheek. Some people may not enjoy it, but hey. Each to their own.


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