Field Notes For Sale!

If you wish to discuss prices or sort out purchases, my email is: – I have this forwarded to my personal email, so I may reply from a different account, just so you’re aware! Alternatively, you can message me on Instagram/Twitter, @7heDaniel

Hi all. Since being in the pen hobby, I’ve managed to pick up a number of Field Notes over the years. However, I haven’t been using them as much as I probably should (in fact, all of these that I am selling are still sealed – bar one) and so it makes sense for me to sell them and invest the money into something that will be more worthwhile for me.

So take a look below for the books that I have for sale. Prices on their own are largely non-negotiable, but of course if you’re buying multiples then I’m happy to discuss!

Please add £2.50 for shipping costs (this is per purchase; not per pack). Can discuss shipping outside of the UK, also.

All items will also be listed on eBay – username “7heDaniel”, alternatively search for “Field Notes”.


Drink Local: £45 for the pair


Field Notes notebooks for sale uk limited edition Drink Local Lagers and Ales coaster

One of the first releases that I sought after, as I quite enjoy my beer. I’ve used one pack of this to journal beer tasting notes. What I am selling here is a complete set of the Drink Local release (i.e. both Lager and Ales releases) sealed and so they come with the coasters as well.

Not looking to split this pair up.


XOXO 2016: £30 each; £50 for both


Field Notes notebooks for sale uk limited edition XOXO 2016

This really is a damn beautiful release, and one that’ll be difficult to let go of. Just couldn’t bring myself to use them. Stunning cover design, very limited and comes with a rather vibrant orange grid pattern. This really is a beautiful release!

Unexposed: £50 


Field Notes notebooks for sale uk limited edition unexposed full set of six complete

This was an interesting release. Field Notes gave away nothing in terms of the design until it arrived at people’s front doors. Quite an electrifying cover design, really. What’s special about this edition is that it came in six different colours, and each pack was sort of a lucky dip as it were to get the full collection. Here I am offering the full collection of six notebooks! As such, this is another edition I am not looking to split up.


Cold Horizon: £25 each; £40 for both


Field Notes notebooks for sale uk limited edition cold horizon

You know me – I love the colour blue! This is a very attractive design with the blue gradient across the front. A rather stand out edition, without being as in your face as Unexposed (ironically)!

!!SOLD!! – Still one three pack remaining

Lunacy: £25 each; £40 for both


Field Notes notebooks for sale uk limited edition Lunacy

This was the first Field Notes release that I bought on release day (or at least when they arrived at UK retailers) and the only three pack I have actually managed to get through. I stocked up after finishing the first notebook because I enjoyed this edition so much but just couldn’t force myself to use it again. A nice design where you have different moon phases depending on the cutout of the front cover, which opens up to show a glossy page with the moon on front. A beautiful edition in a different way to that of XOXO for example as it’s quite understated.


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