Pure Pens: English Series Inks

Following the success of the Celtic themed inks from Pure Pens, a retailer here in the UK residing in Wales, they have expanded their own line of inks to the “English Series”, as I shall self dub it. Being a proud countryman, I’m very excited about these inks and the colours are terrific, which makes it even better. In my usual fashion, I will do an overview (this review) and then review the inks individually in their own reviews. I will add the links as and when they’re uploaded, they can be found below and bought from Pure Pens for the very nice price of £6.99 for 60ml of ink.



I love this ink for a number of reasons. Firstly, it’s a blue. Secondly, it’s a beautiful blue. Thirdly, Buckingham is where my university is. However, I would suppose this ink is named in honour of Buckingham Palace. What better name for a royal blue than the administrative headquarters of the Monarch?! I am currently writing a letter with this ink; I’m perhaps more excited about the person seeing the ink than the content of the letter!

St. George’s Cross


Legend has it that St. George slayed the dragon. He is the Patron Saint of England, and the English flag is related to St. George’s cross. I must say, this is perhaps as close as you can get to the actual colour. It’s soft on the eyes as well, which makes it a great ink for writing all year round and not just on 23rd April (aka St. George’s Day)!



Perhaps not as famous as the River Thames, but it is the largest lake in England and has become associated with very popular holiday retreats for some (similar to Cornwall with Porthcurno Cove). Windermere is a blue-black ink, but a very dark one at that. This makes it ideal for those situations I like to reference where you’re looking for a suitable ink to use everyday, but still want some excitement. No matter how strict the situation, this should fit the bill! Has some sheen to it, which some of you will no doubt enjoy!



Regrettably, I have only visited the Cotswolds once. It’s a very quaint village in England and I adore it. It has the same appeal as perhaps Devon or Cornwall does to domestic holidaymakers. The colour of this ink is very apt for the name. It’s a sort of a dark yellow colour that just fits in so perfectly with the historic nature, the cobbled stones, the cottages.. Oh it makes you feel so comfy doesn’t it.


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