Pure Pens Windermere

  • Where to buy: Pure Pens [Here]
  • Price: £6.99
  • Bottle size: 60ml
  • Price/ml: £0.12 (2dp)
  • Colour: Blue-black
  • Shading: Some
  • Sheening: Yes
  • Recommend?: A business type ink with some character!


This ink isn’t my favourite out of the series (that would be Buckingham), but it is perhaps the most interesting. Windermere is named after a river in England that has quite a lot of history. I recommend searching it up on Wikipedia for this information because (like the ink) it’s rather interesting. There’s also a bunch of terminology that I would know if I had paid attention in Year 7 and 8 geography classes. Alas.

Pure Pens Windermere is a blue-black ink and I think this is often a difficult colour family to talk about; not to mention reviewing. Part of this is because these inks don’t get too much love (a bit like black inks) because often they’re rather muted, quite dark and will only be on a spectrum of “blue” or “darker blue”. There’s not too much variance – which I understand. My personal feelings of blue-black inks aside (as I think this isn’t a fair criticism for not enjoying them), Windermere is able to break away from this and as a highly saturated ink allows it to become a bit more interesting than other blue-blacks that are on the market. Seeing a comparison between other blue-blacks may help explain my point a bit better:

Pure Pens Windermere fountain pen ink review

I love all of these inks. What Windermere is able to do is stand out. I think this is because it’s got more of a dimension to it. By this I mean it could perhaps be better described as a “blue/teal-black”. It even makes Diamine’s version look almost like a straight up blue. It also has some sheen to it, which I know will absolutely appeal to some of you out there. Personally it’s not what I look for in an ink, but the colour is enough for me to enjoy using it. Of course, Pelikan Tanzanite also has sheen, but not the same tone. Though, if you prefer the tone then there you go. That ink appears to lend itself more towards purple.

Blue-blacks are very versatile inks. Sure, there isn’t often too much going for them, but the applications are incredibly wide. It’s something that I would describe as “the usability of a black ink with the fun of a neon pink ink” – by this I mean that if you want to use it for a formal application then you absolutely can, but if you also want to use it for fun to show colour or journal with, that sort of thing, then these inks fit this niche incredibly well; this is why I feel like they’re not given the respect often they deserve. Given that this particular ink has some sheen to it and a bit of teal thrown into the mix, this really does make the ink more unique and versatile in its use case – which often are mutually exclusive characteristics.


In the same vain, I appreciate it when a blue-black ink performs well on cheaper paper because it’s all good and well that in theory they’d be good for formal use, but often when it comes to formal occasions (think office work), you’ll be faced with using poorer quality paper. So for the ink to be useful it not only needs to be a conservative looking ink, but it also needs to behave well on paper. Sort of like a it can talk the talk, but can it walk the walk? thing.

Well, yes. It walks and talks. How about that. Minimal feathering and bleed.

Pure Pens Windermere fountain pen ink review

As per, not too good in terms of waterproofness. So if this is something that is important to you then I would suggest looking for an ink such as Noodler’s Prime of the Commons which may be quite close to the colour.

One thing I do want to mention is that I experienced troublesome flow in one of my pens when using this ink. This was a new pen that I had inked up for the first time and without prior cleaning – it was also a Chinese pen where the quality control is slightly lower than on others. I tried this ink in another pen (#3776) and I have not experienced any difficulties so I really do believe it was an issue with the pen and not the inkHowever, I would feel wrong to not at least give it a mention.

I’m very impressed with this ink. Originally I wasn’t too taken by it, but it grew on me and the use cases became apparent very quickly. This is a blue-black that I would be happy to recommend to those looking for an interesting ink in that colour family.


Disclaimer: I have been sent this ink for review purposes by Pure Pens. All opinions expressed are my own. 


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