I’m not the first and I won’t be the last, but stationery blogging… Apparently that’s a thing.

I’m a university undergraduate student here in the United Kingdom studying Politics, Philosophy & Economics. My interest in pens has followed me through my entire academic career, but I dived into fountain pens 2 years ago. Since then I have been building my collection, but still have an appreciation for gel, rollerball pens etc.

I try my best to keep reviews constant, but being a student this can sometimes be a little difficult. On the plus side – I get a lot of use out of pens and inks while doing school work so my reviews are always thorough and the materials are well tested.

There are no advertisers on my blog (other than that what WordPress themselves display), but sometimes I do receive products from retailers for the purpose of review. In which case I will include a disclaimer in my review but I don’t allow this to affect my view of the product.

If there are any things that you would wish to recommend me to review or for any other reason want to get into contact with me, then you can email me at 7hedaniel@gmail.com. Alternatively you can find me on Twitter/Instagram as @7heDaniel. Drop me a message, I’m happy to talk!



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