Aurora 88

If there's something I love more than a good pen, it's a good pen at a good price. This is one of those cases. I would feel a bit guilty about this, but it's the free market my good people and the free market is a wonderful thing. This review is about the Aurora 88 … Continue reading Aurora 88


When buying, I am happy for PayPal or for bank transfer. Please note that I request friends & family payment; if you would prefer goods & services instead then I would ask that the buyer covers the PayPal fees. All prices are GBP and these are what you pay, unless buying internationally then this will … Continue reading FOR SALE

Pilot Myu

I AM INTERESTED IN TRADING THIS PEN FOR A PILOT MUREX - GET IN TOUCH IF YOU'RE ALSO LOOKING TO TRADE There are some pens that most people will agree has some sort of special notoriety. I am reluctant to use the term grail, but perhaps that's the best description. At any rate, the Pilot Myu … Continue reading Pilot Myu