Wahl Eversharp Skyline

Most of my collection (I would hazard a guess at 80%) consists of modern pens. I have increased the number of vintage pens in my collection considerably recently; it was Mabie Todd that pushed me in the waters (those damn swans..!) that I initially only dipped my toes in. Despite my initial aversion to vintage … Continue reading Wahl Eversharp Skyline


Karas Kustoms Starliner

Karas Kustoms Reaktor Starliner XL Small fountain pen review

Let's have a break from the World Cup. Though as someone who, ordinarily, isn't very interested in football, the World Cup (and maybe the Euros, if England aren't losing to sides like Iceland like, last time, that is) is the only time I'll be rather interested. But when England inevitably get knocked out, and I … Continue reading Karas Kustoms Starliner

Mabie Todd Blackbird Inks: Starling Purple

Blackbird Mabie Todd fountain pen ink review Starling Purple

Where to buy: Blackbird Inks [Here] Price: £5.95 Bottle size: 30ml Price/ml: £0.20 (2dp) Colour: Purple Shading: Some Sheening: No Recommend?: This is going to be really bloody popular. A stunning purple. Recently I have found myself down another rabbit hole, still in the pen hobby, but more niche. Mabie Todd fountain pens. Unfortunately, Mabie Todd … Continue reading Mabie Todd Blackbird Inks: Starling Purple