Kaweco Sport

Kaweco Sport fountain pen review

I have had two Kaweco pens to review in the past - the Kaweco Lilliput and the Kaweco Student; both of which commanded great reviews. The Sport is not exempt from this. I could perhaps sum up the review quite nicely here in saying I definitely enjoy the Sport - I've wanted to try one for ages (it … Continue reading Kaweco Sport


Italix Chaplains Tankard

Italix Chaplains Tankard fountain pen review Mr Pen

Italix is a brand sold by Mr. Pen here in the UK. They are fantastically made pens sold at a reasonable price because they skip the middle man and sell direct to the customer - I have heard people claim that these pens are in their favourite list, and I don't blame them. They are … Continue reading Italix Chaplains Tankard

Lamy Aion

Lamy Aion fountain pen review

It's been a while since my last review, due to a stupid amount of coursework and exam preparation (and then Christmas hit). However - while I am sad about my delay in posting, I am more apologetic about delaying this particular post... I'm not Lamy's biggest fan. Yeah, the 2000 is cool, I'll give them that. … Continue reading Lamy Aion