Cleo Skribent – Classic Gold Piston fountain pen review

Cleo Skribent fountain pen review classic

Cleo Skribent was born in a garage shortly after the Second World War. The company's first collection was known as the 'Cleopatra', named after the pharaoh of the same name in order to pay homage to the care, innovation and attention the Egyptians put when making the pyramids (even though Cleopatra lived closer to the … Continue reading Cleo Skribent – Classic Gold Piston fountain pen review


Diamine Shimmertastics: Arctic Blue

Diamine Shimmertastic Arctic Blue review

Where to buy: Diamine [Here] Price: £9.95 Bottle size: 50ml Colour: A beautiful beautiful sea blue Shading: Not really Sheening: Nope (gold particulate though) Recommend?: Knew this ink would be a hit and it didn't disappoint. Definitely recommend! I have been fortunate enough to receive samples from Diamine of five of their new generation of Shimmertastic … Continue reading Diamine Shimmertastics: Arctic Blue

De Atramentis ‘Pearlescent’ Ink Review: Heliogen Green

De Atramentis pearlescent ink review

To the best of my knowledge, there are now three four companies doing 'shimmer' or 'sparkle' inks, with De Atramentis recently joining the league (and most recently, in the past week or so, Robert Oster joined the ranks); J Herbin was the first to and Diamine second. The concept is a good one, and I'm in … Continue reading De Atramentis ‘Pearlescent’ Ink Review: Heliogen Green