Taroko Design A5 Notebook

Tomoe River Taroko notebook review fountain pen ink sheen

Where to buy: Bureau Direct [here] Price: £7.95 (other size options are available which are different prices. This is the A5 price) Page count: 32 individual sheets Paper: Tomoe River Paper weight: 68gsm Layout: Dot, lined & plain Binding: Stapled (pages are not perforated) Recommend? - For the UK market this would be fantastic as … Continue reading Taroko Design A5 Notebook


Silvine Original Notebooks

Silvine Originals Pocket Memo Note Exercise Project full collection review

Where to buy: Silvine [Here] Price: Varies depending on what notebook you want Page count: " Paper: Natural White Wave Paper weight: 90gsm Binding: Stitched (& glued in the case of Project) Recommend?: Each notebook has its own purpose. They all do well in their own particular niche. Considering the nostalgia and personality that you get from … Continue reading Silvine Original Notebooks