Diamine Shimmertastics: Spearmint Diva

Diamine Spearmint Diva fountain pen ink review Shimmertastics

Where to buy: Diamine [Here] Price: £9.95 Bottle size: 50ml Colour: Teal that leans heavy on the green side Shading: Yes Sheening: Sliiiiiiiiiiight Recommend?: I understand how this would appeal to people, but personally I'm a bit bored of the green-teals I have been fortunate enough to receive samples from Diamine of five of their new … Continue reading Diamine Shimmertastics: Spearmint Diva


Pelikan – Stola III

Pelikan is my favourite pen manufacturer - I think that the Souverän pens are amongst the best that you could have in your collection. While I'm not a beginner (I don't think..?) fountain pen user, I was still very curious to see how the Stola III ranked - as it seems to be Pelikan's way of getting … Continue reading Pelikan – Stola III