Opus 88 Koloro

Opus 88 Koloro fountain pen review

There's something about the name of this pen that makes me think of Australia.. The pen looks like it should be from Australia. Just me? The Opus 88 Koloro is a pretty neat pen. You can get this model in four different colours: two blues, a red and a yellow. All four colour barrels come … Continue reading Opus 88 Koloro


Choosing Keeping Notebooks

Choosing Keeping notebook review

Where to buy: Choosing Keeping [Here] (they also offer the notebooks individually; see links below) Price: £18 for three notebooks Page count: 31 sheets (62 pages) Paper weight: 70gsm Layout: Plain & line Binding: Stapled Recommend? A nice thin notebook and you can get them in three sizes. Lightweight and utilitarian - great for throwing in a … Continue reading Choosing Keeping Notebooks