Beaufort Scots Pine

Beaufort fountain pen review Scots Pine

Where to buy: Beaufort [Here] Price: £8.35 Bottle size: 45ml Price/ml: £0.19 (2dp) Colour: Forest/nature green Shading: Not really Sheening: Nope Recommend?: The forest green colour really doesn't speak to me, but if this is something that you enjoy then I think this ink does its job well I have been sent six inks to review … Continue reading Beaufort Scots Pine


Ensso Piuma

Ensso Piuma fountain pen review

I've done a number of ink reviews as of late, with a few more scheduled in the future. So I thought I'd take a break from those and do a pen review. This is the Ensso Piuma and.. Well, this is certainly new territory for me. The minimalist Kickstarter pen seems to be something … Continue reading Ensso Piuma

Cleo Skribent – Classic Gold Piston fountain pen review

Cleo Skribent fountain pen review classic

Cleo Skribent was born in a garage shortly after the Second World War. The company's first collection was known as the 'Cleopatra', named after the pharaoh of the same name in order to pay homage to the care, innovation and attention the Egyptians put when making the pyramids (even though Cleopatra lived closer to the … Continue reading Cleo Skribent – Classic Gold Piston fountain pen review