Diamine Shimmertastics: Golden Ivy

Diamine Shimmertastics Golden Ivy fountain pen ink review

Where to buy: Diamine [Here] Price: £9.95 Bottle size: 50ml Colour: Ivy green Shading: Very subtle Sheening: Very very slight, but you also have the gold particulate Recommend?: Greens aren't my thing, but I can definitely understand why this would be a tempting ink! I have been fortunate enough to receive samples from Diamine of five … Continue reading Diamine Shimmertastics: Golden Ivy


Wing Sung 618

Wing Sung 618 fountain pen review

Mitochondria are my favourite organelles. They have their own DNA, which is independent of the genetic material within the rest of the cell. The mitochondrial DNA (mtDNA) is passed down to you from your mother. As it's independent, if you use the mtDNA from a donor, the individual would technically have three parents. Wing Sung … Continue reading Wing Sung 618